What Makes Studio 321B Different

Studio 321B was created to fill a need in the industry for a non-retail space that offers fair prices for high-quality, bespoke goods that make a statement. With over 30 years of hands-on industry experience and a commitment to innovative thinking, we aim to elevate your curated flooring experience, delivering rugs that will stand as legacy pieces for your family.

Our Product

All of our designs originate from our Toronto Junction studio. Your inspirations fuel our creativity, driving us to produce unique, bespoke area rugs. From vibrant street art pieces to subtle berbers, we cater to diverse styles. Whether you prefer seamless integration or a bold statement, we collaborate with you to fashion a distinctive area rug for your space.

Our rugs are meticulously fashioned from four primary materials: New Zealand Wool, Bamboo Silk, Organic Cotton, and Jute. Learn more about the sustainable and durable materials that we use.

Our Process

At Studio 321B you are not buying off the rack. Our process is truly bespoke from beginning to end. Our process begins with a consultation to understand your specific needs and desires. We then utilize CAD drawings to bring your ideas to life, followed by crafting a small mockup rug for a preview of the finished piece. We proceed to create the full rug that will become a unique addition to your living space.

Despite the typical 150-day timeline for such processes, we efficiently complete the entire journey in about 60 days, thanks to our in-house capabilities. Sign up for a consultation to initiate the process of crafting a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Our Team

Anthony Hellman

Founder, Creative Director

The son of Italian and Germanic immigrants, Anthony arrived in Canada at the age of 5. He cultivated his passion for design at Sheridan College Oakville and has accumulated over 30 years of practical experience in oriental rugs and flooring, encompassing roles in sales, management, and rug design.

As an artist, entrepreneur, dad, and husband, Anthony dedicates himself to push creative boundaries creating art that is out of this world for floors. A trendsetter blending New York flair with LA vibes, Anthony extends his expertise as a sales trainer, coach, and mentor, embodying the mantra "I always have your back."

Join Anthony on a creative journey, where rugs weave narratives and floors evolve into canvases for limitless creativity.

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