All natural and ethically sourced

All of our rugs have the earth impact in mind. We use high quality and eco-friendly materials such as New Zealand Wool and Organic Cotton.

New Zealand Wool

New Zealand Wool has a high lanolin content and is a resource that regenerates. The sheep are farmed in perfect conditions in Australia, South America and New Zealand, Green Pastures, freedom to roam and these animals created fertilization for the grasslands that they consume so that the pastures will always be lush and beautiful, offering an abundant food supply for the sheep.

Bamboo Silk

Our Fibers are made from bamboo and not wood or other materials and most of all no chemicals are added to the fiber. We do not use Viscose or Tencel since these fibers are chemically treated and are mixed fibers that will react to water and moisture causing the fibers to harden and discolour.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton farms eliminate the use of pesticides and insecticides, lowering Environmental pollution. 

PET Fiber

Superior PET Fiber (Polyethylene Terephthalate) made from 100% purified recycled bottles. Naturally resists damage and wear caused from stains, soils and fading. Easy to clean – hose off and let air dry.  Approx. 6 mm in total thickness. Soft underfoot and durable – Foundation is light weight and makes it easy to roll up and store when not in use. The light colours are great for deflecting heat from the sun on patios and decks.