All Natural and Ethically Sourced

Every one of our rugs is designed with environmental impact in mind. We prioritize the use of top-notch, eco-friendly materials like New Zealand Wool and Organic Cotton.

New Zealand Wool

New Zealand Wool has a high lanolin content and is a resource that regenerates. The sheep are raised in optimal conditions across Australia, South America, and New Zealand, enjoying green pastures and freedom to roam. These animals contribute to the fertilization of the grasslands they graze on, ensuring that the pastures remain lush and beautiful, providing ample food for the sheep.

Bamboo Silk

Our fibers are crafted from bamboo and are free from added chemicals. Unlike fibers such as Viscose or Tencel, which undergo chemical treatment and are blends that can react adversely to water and moisture, our bamboo silk remains unaffected—maintaining its softness without hardening or discoloration. In contrast to raw silk, our bamboo silk is more sustainable as it doesn't involve the destruction of cocoons, ensuring a durable and soft material without impacting silk worms.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton farms play a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability by eschewing the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides. This conscious choice not only ensures the production of organic cotton but also contributes significantly to the reduction of environmental pollution.

PET Fiber

Our superior PET Fiber (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is crafted entirely from purified recycled bottles, ensuring environmental sustainability. Its inherent resistance to damage, wear, stains, soils, and fading makes it a durable choice. Cleaning is easy – simply hose off and let it air dry. With an approximate thickness of 6 mm, it offers a soft underfoot feel, and its lightweight foundation facilitates easy rolling up and storage when not in use. Ideal for outdoor spaces, the light colors effectively deflect heat from the sun on patios and decks.