Bee-Spoke Podcast | Designer Confidence and Building Vendor Relationships with Rebecca Hay

Join Anthony as he welcome’s the amazing Rebecca Hay @rebeccahaydesigns back on this week’s segment of ‘Bee-Spoke with Experts’! Rebecca is a luxury interior designer, speaker and educator based out of Toronto. Running a successful design firm, she is passionate about empowering other interior design firm owners to level up their business! She is also the host of her own podcast Resilient by Design

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A key highlight of the episode is Rebecca's innovative business model, which revolves around simplicity and confidence in decision-making. Over the last six years, she has successfully embraced a streamlined approach, presenting clients with a single, meticulously curated design option. This not only accelerates the decision-making process but also instills trust in the designer's expertise, eliminating the overwhelm of too many choices.

The discussion extends to the challenges posed by the dynamic design market. Rebecca provides a candid assessment of the current slowdown, stressing the significance of profitability for design firms and the necessity of charging appropriately for services. Her observations offer valuable insights into the resilience required to navigate a shifting economic landscape.

Vendor relationships take center stage in the episode, as Rebecca emphasizes their role as more than just business transactions—they are friendships. These connections, built on integrity and trust, provide a solid support system for designers when faced with challenges.

Anthony wraps up the episode by asking Rebecca for any advice for new and aspiring designers. She encourages them to embrace the learning curve, seek guidance from seasoned professionals, and actively participate in community-building within the design industry. Her emphasis on consistency, progress over perfection, and the enduring power of connection resonates with both new and seasoned designers.

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