Bee-Spoke Podcast | Little Bit Of Colour with Laura Thornton

Unveiling 2024 Interior Design Trends: A Chat with Laura Thornton on Bee-Spoke with Anthony Hellman

Welcome back, design enthusiasts! On this podcast segment of ‘Bee-spoke with Experts’, join Anthony in welcoming back guest Laura Thornton. Laura is the Founder, and Creative Director of Thornton Design. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Laura is on a mission to revolutionize the interior design experience. In this episode, she spills the tea on her recent adventure at the High Point Market in North Carolina, unveiling the upcoming colour and texture trends in the world of interior design. Listen to episode using the player or read our in-depth look into the chat below!



A Colourful Chat 

Laura dives straight into the vibrant details of her recent trip, emphasizing the continued importance of texture in design. "Texture is still paramount," she asserts, setting the stage for a captivating discussion on the emerging colour trends. According to Laura, we can expect to see a resurgence of materialism, reminiscent of "grandma's home", with tweeds and plaids making a strong comeback.

The colour palette for the upcoming year is set to be bold and expressive. Laura highlights the prevalence of raspberry and berry tones, reds, cranberries, and burnt orange. She also notes a nod to the 90s with navy making the rounds again too. "Different shades of green, from fresh tones to emerald, are also in vogue," Laura adds, painting a picture of a rich and regal design landscape.

Fashion and Interior Design: A Symbiotic Relationship

In a fascinating tangent, Anthony and Laura draw parallels between fashion and interior design, highlighting the importance of observing how clients dress to glean insights into their preferred colour palettes. "When I start meeting with clients and see how they dress, it tells me a story. It's a reflection of the colour palette they like," Laura explains and will often have herself and coworkers dress in colours complimentary to their presentations to clients to even further add to it's appeal.

Breaking Free from the Grey 

As the conversation flows, Laura and Anthony discuss the prevalent use of grey in interior design and its impact. Anthony is quick to emphasize the need for colour in our lives, stating, "We all need colour to keep us happy; it sets the mood, like good music!" Laura advocates for incorporating colour gradually, even if it's through small accent pieces like rugs, pillows, or art. Taking that small step with pieces that won't have a huge impact on you to get rid of if you don't love them later is a great way to start making those bolder colour choices.

Bringing Colour to Life

 From the resurgence of traditional elements to a bold and expressive colour palette, this conversation encourages designers and enthusiasts alike to embrace a new era of creativity and individuality in their spaces. If you agree with Anthony in that "We all need colour in our lives to keep us happy." don't stop incorporating it into your space! So, whether you're a fan of vibrant hues or prefer a more muted palette, it's time to bring some colour into your life and home. 


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