Designer Spotlight: Alyssa Griffith from Designs by AJG

Meet Alyssa, a commercial and residential designer based in Toronto and owner of Designs by AJG. 

Our team loves working with Designs by AJG so we sat down with Alyssa to learn more about what inspires her designs and her journey into the industry.


1. How do you define your interior design style?

I would describe my style as transitional. I like aspects of traditional interior design blended with modern touches. 


2. What inspires your designs?

My inspiration comes from many different places, it changes by project. In some cases it could be a fabric or a wallpaper I really like and sometimes it could be something I have seen my peers produce. I get a lot of inspiration for vibrant spaces with lots of colour and texture, I always try to inject some type of focal interest in a space.


3. Why did you decide to get into design?

Initially I wanted to be a doctor but the idea of administering needles changed my mind. So I decided to study the human body in an alternate way, Ergonomics! I always had an interest in the human body and comfort, I also liked to transform things as a child. When I got into my teen years I really took an interest in the architectural aspect of design, it peaked my interest and the rest is history.


4. What's your favourite area rug style?

I like a nice contemporary rug - I like that this can literally mean so many things now. From animal print to irregular forms I like the possibilities that contemporary rugs offer, add some silk fibres and it's a winner for me!


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