Designer Spotlight: Rebecca Hay

Meet Rebecca Hay, Toronto-based Interior Designer and President & Principal Designer of Rebecca Hay Designs. Rebecca Hay Designs has a diverse portfolio, ranging from luxurious private residences to large scale commercial spaces. With a focus on craftsmanship, Rebecca and her team create, renovate and decorate beautiful, cohesive & uniquely personalized interiors. We sat down with Rebecca to learn more about what inspires her designs and her favourite rug styles.  
How do you define your interior design style?

Classic and Curated. I love a good blend of traditional bones with contemporary lines. Antiques and vintage finds add character to a space. But I'm also all about function-first design. If a space doesn't function then what's the point. But it's truly the details that elevate any space in my opinion. Like baseboard and crown molding and door hardware - these are the small details that can sometimes get overlooked. I LOVE to work with colour. Pops of colour in every room makes me smile.


What inspires your designs?

Usually, I am inspired when I travel.. but I haven't done much of that in the last few years! Lately, I've been inspired by nature, the country, and anything with a nod to nature whether it's a crisp clear blue sky or a dusty country road surrounded by hay fields. I think there is a collective desire for more natural products and warm and inviting homes these days and nature is the perfect muse.

 Rebecca Hay looking at swatches

Why did you decide to get into design?

I loved design from an early age and grew up around my mom's cousins the Dirsteins who would help us with our own home. I always loved the finer things in life as a result haha. But mostly I've always been someone who relishes in experiences and I saw how your surroundings affect your mood. Whether in a restaurant with dim and cozy lighting or a living room with exquisite and elegant drapery. You can create an atmosphere simply by switching out the decor. At first, I followed other passions though, taking the expected route doing a bachelor's degree at McGill followed by European travels and then eventually pursuing a career as an actor out west but ultimately all paths lead me back to school for interior design. I love that I get to be creative every day and help others feel joy in their homes.


What's your favourite area rug style?

I love a good sisal or wool Berber area rug. I think broadloom cut to size is a classic look and works with any space old or new. I especially love 100% wool as it's easy to clean, which matters when you have little kids running around like I do!


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