Designer Spotlight: David Ripley

A very warm welcome goes out to this month's incredible designer, David Ripley of Beacon Hill Home and Property DesignDavid began his journey studying Environmental Design and Town Planning in Halifax, Nova Scotia before moving to New York for further studies in design and showing horses. His last stop was in Boston, where he studied architecture.


David began as an independent designer in 1973 specializing in residential design, and spent 15 years in Hotel design. He had a Ralph Lauren store and amalgamated all of this into what is now known internationally as Beacon Hill Home and Property Design along with his business partner, Stephen Gaetz, in 2006.


Beacon Hill, located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, understands the importance of having a home to love. It is within their mission to create brilliant interior and exterior designs and constructs made to embrace authenticity. Beacon Hill offers 17 different services such as architectural design, room design, building design and drafting!


Some of the various projects Beacon Hill has created include:


Modern Farmhouse construct and design

modern farmhouse exterior design



Rejuvenated Farmhouse Interior

rejuvenated farmhouse interior design



Ports landing

ports landing beautiful exterior design nova scotia


They have additionally been presented with two Canadian Property Awards in recent years for properties, one of which is the iconic Beacon Hill House. This home serves as a “ show house “ for their business and as most interestingly David's private home. 


Beacon Hill House


This year, David is presently working his 50th year in the design industry. So, a big congratulations goes out to him! Now, let's jump into what David had to say about his style, story and inspirations.


How do you define your interior design style?

Beacon Hill is a full service design firm with a complete range of knowledge, from  historic to contemporary models which we carve an environment perfectly suited to our individual clients' needs.



What inspires your design?

We are always inspired by the requirements our clients, both structural and spiritually.



Why did you decide to get into design?

Initially, 50 years ago design took over my life. I was absolutely fascinated by its history and the repeated classic notions. The concept of design and it's ability to forge ahead and renew itself through wars, political uprisings and the ever-changing development of us as human beings struck me and that's how I knew where I belonged.


What’s your favourite area rug style?

I adore many different styles of area rugs. However, I must say it doesn't matter how marvellous an area rug may look, it must first be constructed of the best and the most long-lasting fibres. Secondly, it must make an important statement on its own while working closely with the other elements within the room. This statement might be a quiet one or one which emboldens the room to make an important design flourish. A rug that encourages a new trend to set and one that presents itself in a strong forward manner.


We hope you loved reading about David and Beacon Hill Home and Property Design just as much as we enjoyed having him featured this month.


David is one of a hand full people who inspired me to go out on my own. To create rugs that are my personal style and to have the confidence to make it in this industry. From the first custom project to our visit to Wolfville, he never ceases to amaze me. He is so well rounded, well versed in everything design and his style is extremely brilliant.


If you are someone located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia on a mission to make your dream home any structural design, you know who to connect with!


That being said, click here for Beacon Hill Design's website, here for their Instagram, or here for their houzz page!