Designer Spotlight: Robbin Caskenette

The spotlight is back on this month and shining bright for Certified Interior Decorator and Consultant, Robbin Caskenette of Robbin Caskenette Interiors! Robbin is a true gift to the world of interior design and a joy to work with. The community in Markham, Ontario is lucky to have her!

Not only is she busy working away in Markham, she also adores cozying up in the family room, reading fiction, listening to podcasts, walking and spending time with friends. She embraces the simple things in life, loves nature and gets a lot of her own inspiration from simply observing it. She makes note of various textures and colours outside and brings them to life in her own unique way within her clients homes. And like so many of us, she also LOVES coffee.

Without further a due, let's dive into the deep end of Robbin Caskenette.


How do you define your interior design style?


As an interior decorator, my personal design style is usually different from that of my clients. My personal aesthetic could be described best by my preference for warm, muddy tones, natural, vintage and reclaimed materials, neutral backgrounds, organic materials and shapes, a touch of rustic. If you look at my client projects, they are quite different. I really enjoy working on such diverse projects -- it keeps thing interesting!



What inspires your design?


For client projects, it could be a few things. Obviously, the needs and preferences of the client comes first. After that, the aesthetic can be inspired by a piece of art, a rug or a fabric. The style and architecture of the home is also a factor. For example, in one of my projects, the living/dining room is very eclectic and moody with teal grasscloth on the walls, built ins painted out in teal and pops of colour throughout. The inspiration for this included the clients preference for a warm, moody space. But also the rooms get very little natural light, so embracing that was important as well. The clients owned an existing piece of art and we pulled the vibrant colours from that to inform the accent colours in the spaces.


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Why did you decide to get into design?


I inherited my mom's eye for design. I've always been interested in decorating my spaces - even when on a very tight budget! I really love making my spaces warm inviting while also being a true reflection of the things I love. It's a privilege to be able to do that for my clients as well. Being an interior decorator is my second career. I was a teacher prior to starting my business. After my son started school, I was fortunate that I was able to go back to school to pursue a new career.


What’s your favourite area rug style?


That's a hard question! It truly depends on the project. However, I tend to use rugs that have a transitional or traditional style. I typically stay away from very modern patterns. That being said, if a project needed a modern rug, I would find one that best suited the space. My personal preference for my home tends to natural, organic and neutral materials like wool and jute/sisal, as well as vintage or stripe patterns.


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So, if you are someone in the Toronto or Markham area looking for someone to help out with your interior or need advise, look no further than the ever-so-talented, Robbin.

Click here for Robbin's website, here for her Instagram, or here for her Facebook page