Designer Spotlight: Elaine Disenhouse

We are pleased to introduce interior designer, Elaine Disenhouse of Elaine D Interiors. Elaine is based out of Toronto and expresses she has always had an eye for design, despite not always being an interior designer by profession. 

Over her life, she spent a number of years in her career as a social worker. The design world was something she occasionally stepped into, helping her friends and family with various projects. Now, Elaine works excellently alongside her contractors, architects and clients full-time to ensure their collaborative visions come to life! Our rugs are made for beautifully crafted spaces like the ones Elaine creates, and we are so proud to be involved in her work. 

In our interview with Elaine, we get to know her style, inspirations and story all together. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Elaine’s world.


How do you define your interior design style?


My style of preference is contemporary. Design style depends on the client, and whether they have a strong sense of what they like. If one has no strong style conviction, I would start by presenting certain images that will help to know what direction to run with. There are times when the client will have an existing feature in their space. What is needed to complement it, is important when planning what features the new space will have. I find that textures and dimensions are very important. Should a client desire another style, I work with where the client is at. At the end of the day, they need to love the transformation! One’s home is their castle, and one should feel a sense of joyful calm when they step into their home.


What inspires your design?


I get my inspiration from many things. I can find myself drawn to something and take an intriguing element of the total, and run with it. The creative juices can result in a custom piece such as furniture or a custom rug. I find interior design relates to fashion. The look has to be complete. I start with the major pieces, but one shouldn’t minimize the impact of accessorizing. Finishing off a space with the right accessories is like adding the right jewellery to an outfit.


Why did you decide to get into design?


I first got into design as a means of using my creativity. I have been in business since 2005. I love being a part of transformation. Creating and bringing a space together that makes clients happy is the highlight of my career.


What’s your favourite area rug style?


If I am doing a complete room, I always prefer to start with the rug, and from there, the chain of design events takes place. The choice of pattern and color for a rug helps with the direction of the selection of other items. Rugs are very important. They can bring color and texture into a space, and be such a focal for the room. There are clients who want a piece of art for the floor in the way of the rug, and others who just want texture and comfort. I have been able to customize with Studio 321B, and my clients have always been very happy with the finished product!! I tend to prefer contemporary rugs that have lots of texture. And multiple tones.



We encourage you, folks, in the Toronto area to remember Elaine the next time you want to make your home design visions come true. If you wish to contact Elaine or learn more about what she is up to, please just visit her website - or follow her on Instagram @elainedinteriors