Designer Spotlight: Laura Thornton

This month for our designer spotlight, please meet the lovely Laura Thornton, of Thornton Design. Based mainly in Vaughan, Ontario with over 20 years of industry experience, Laura has been dedicated to providing a fresh interior design experience for her clients since establishing the company back in 1999. Laura can be described in many different wonderful ways. But to put it plain and simple, she is just so fun! She truly believes that with the execution of every phase of interior design, should be an overall enjoyable experience!

On a more personal note, Laura is a joyful soul. Her guilty pleasure is having music played in every room of her house, including the bathroom. Her go-to Starbucks order in the morning (or any any time of day really) is an Almond Milk Latte, and her favourite design task is being about to find the perfect elements for clients. Her genuine desire to have her clients love the look of something just as much as she does is what makes her a true delight.

Without further a due, let's see what she had to say in our interview.

How do you define your interior design style?

Thornton Design is a fun, passionate, and highly-experienced team of design creatives. Our work defines livable luxury, meaning that your space will be stylishly polished, while still inviting and functional for your every day. And, our dedicated service means that every client is cared for every step of the way. Thornton Design is an experienced team of creative talents, focused on curating beautiful residential and commercial spaces in the Toronto, Ontario area and beyond. In the spirit of collaboration, we focus on blending each client’s distinct style with our own bold design signature.


Interior design

What inspires your design?

Design inspiration is literally found everywhere, from the colour schemes of nature to imagery on social media to the world of travel. Selfishly, I prefer the travel so I also can enjoy some time away. Seeing products, finishes and history of a new destination is always thrilling and inspiring. In addition, as I am getting older I find that I am inspired by comfort and luxe materials and how to find the balance of living with the two elements.


Why did you decide to get into design?

My journey to becoming an interior designer stemmed from childhood, having to take agonizing piano lessons with my two sisters every Saturday morning. It was there I discovered Architectural Digest publications because my piano teachers father was an architect and had an inspiring library. Although I dreaded the weekly piano lesson, I enjoyed with the two-hour waits during my sister’s lessons, with the architects library of Architectural Digest magazines. I soaked up the interiors, stunning architecture and the glossy ads every week, looking forward to the arrival of the next issue. Fast forward 30 years later when I was hired to work on that same house where the piano lessons took place!

Also fuelled by my upbringing, my Father was a luxury custom home builder who would always have a crew working on our latest home while my mother picked the finishes. After which they would sell and move onto the next house. The smell of sawdust and paint are still home to me and it was inevitable that this would influence the future love for construction building and creation of beautiful spaces.

 interior design art rug

What’s your favourite area rug style?

Anything custom! I adore the creative concept of getting amazing materials with the right shape and the perfect colours. Each and every rug Anthony and I create adds a layer of depth to our designs that is undeniably luxe. You cannot compare a custom rug to anything else for your flooring. Warmth and comfort under foot while being art and proving visual interest. Favourite rug style will anything brave and bold, it never fails and always pays off in an interior space.

 We hope you loved learning about Laura as much as we did!

If you would like to stay tuned with what she is up to on social or contact her directly, here is all the info you will need:

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram all @thorntondesign!
Studio: 905.893.7229
See you all next month!