Meet Anthony, Founder & Creative Director of Studio 321B and How He Draws Inspirations

Hi, my name is Anthony Hellman, Founder and Creative Director at Studio 321B LTD., and also known as "the Rebel with a Cause" or "the Carpet Connoisseur."

I have worked in this industry for many years and saw a need for a series of artistic rugs that were not the norm. Rugs that were living creations as well as art pieces that can accent floors as well as walls. 

All the best weaving houses that I was exposed to had rugs that told a story. This originated in Iran and from the moment I was exposed to my first oriental rugs, I decided that one day I would design and create rugs that made people feel good and tell the inner story of the client. I would design and make rugs that made a statement in the spaces they enhance.  


Skull with red butterfly rug

How I Draw Inspiration 

I create rugs that feel as if they are alive - they are so outside of the box that they are more like artwork versus simply a rug on the floor. My inspiration comes from life itself, from artists’ past and current. To some a skull is dismal and depressing, whereas to me its life: a symbol that signifies immortality. 

Street art pops out and suddenly I’m inspired to create a 1950’s vibe in a rug that encompasses street art and women in the movement to make a difference.

I look over and see a bird on the windowsill and it becomes part of a graphic 3D skull that encompasses nature both flora and fauna.


Greige Silk Skull Rug


Since my early days, I’ve seen area rugs as an expression of freedom - they tell a story and express that story in artistic impression. A one-of-a-kind statement piece can not only bring you joy to your space, but allow you to express your style in your own way.

Follow along as we explore more about area rugs, design and the story of artistic expression.